toffeeOS Dev 1.7.5 Release Notes

Updated kernel, and important security updates

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This release of toffeeOS includes the following improvements:

  • Updated toffeeCore to version 0.16.5.
    • Due to a severe vulnerability, we are electing to force update our testers outside of the usual update cadence to toffeeOS Dev 1.7.5 when installing toffeeCore (Kernel) 0.16.5 or later. For more details, use the Wallymer TestHub application on toffeeOS or access this page.
  • Updated toffee-gamemode to use a system .tofpkg format; also updated to version 0.16.5
  • Updated toffeeWeb to version 0.16.5.
  • Includes OS security updates for the months of December 2023 and January 2024.

—The Development Team