toffeeCore 0.16.5 Release Notes

Requires toffeeOS Dev 1.7.5 and later

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We’ve released an update for toffeeCore to testers. You will need to update Project toffeeOS to Dev 1.7.5 or later receive this, please check for updates under Settings > Updates.

New features

  • toffeeCore now includes a “low-latency” mode for games running on high refresh rate (90 Hz and higher) monitors through Game Mode.
  • toffeeCore is now also packaged as a universal .tofpkg file in the toffeeShop, in addition to the old .rpm package.
    • Eventually all system components will be packaged in the .tofpkg format, which we plan to open-source alongside toffeeOS and toffeeCore. You will have the choice between .rpm and .tofpkg formatting when distributing for toffeeOS.

Fixes & improvements

  • Fixed several issues relating to Game Mode performance when playing Java titles, such as Minecraft.
  • Includes all security updates for the months of December 2023 and January 2024.

As always, please inform your test team contact if you run into any problems. We’re listening!

— The Development Team