Wallymer Governance Board Appoints Interim Group President to Serve Remainder of Term

Interim Group President to hold role until May 2024

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The Wallymer Governance Board today announced the appointment of an Interim Group President to fill the vacancy left by Slade Watkins, who stepped down at 11:59PM ET on January 12, 2024. In a unanimous vote, the Board has appointed Harvey Warner-Bacon – current Global Systems Administrator for Digital – to complete Watkins’ term, which ends in May 2024.

About Wallymer Group

As a reminder, Wallymer Group (we usually just refer to ourselves as Wallymer, it’s easier) is not a company. Wallymer is, instead, a collective of talented individuals working on things together, building things from scratch, as Wallymer. We’re split off into many branches, like Technologies, which is currently working on building a next-generation kernel and operating system. Some intersect and others don’t. We do a lot more, too, and you can learn more about our work at Wallymer.com in the coming months.

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