Wallymer Governance Board Unanimously Supports Group President’s Retirement, Plus A Few Words From Wallymer’s Members

Cheers to you, Slade! We’re going to miss you!

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Wallymer’s Governance Board has unanimously voted to support the retirement of Slade Watkins, Wallymer Group’s Co-Founder and current Group President in a meeting over IRC today. Vote tallies were 5-0 (1 not voting: Watkins). We know you’re reading this, Slade, so guess what? We went around (in secret) and talked to some people about what you’ve done for them, before AND during Wallymer’s existence, and we’ve shared a few of those below!!

He’s way younger than I am, but I’m very proud of the leadership and guidance Slade has provided to all of us. He has a big heart and a vision that I’ve never seen before. He has an really good eye for detail, and honestly he can make anything happen. I’m really sad to see him step down, but I completely get it and can’t wait to see what this guy does next. He’s going to be absolutely unstoppable.

said Harvey Warner-Bacon, Global Systems Administrator at Wallymer Digital

Slade is leaving behind quite the legacy here at Wallymer. My understanding is that he’ll still be around, but he’s really just taking the time and going off on his own journey. That’s really beautiful to me and I couldn’t be more excited for him! Speaking to his character, he’s going to do some really big and amazing things. He’s a powerhouse. Like Harv said, you can’t stop this kid. He’s insane! (In a good way, I swear!)

said M.M. O’Leary, Lead Developer at Wallymer Software

For me, Slade has been a godsend for everything I’ve ever needed help with. We’ve been working on projects together since before Wallymer’s creation, and he has ALWAYS been a message away and he gets back quick. (I’m quite convinced that he can actually type faster than the 195 words per minute he claims he can do nowadays, he’s that fast.) I’m going to miss that, and working on stuff with him, but I will cherish the great times and laughs we’ve had over really dumb errors we’ve made.

said “Trim”, one of the writers here at Wallymer.com

The folks here at Wallymer are absolutely excited to see what Slade gets up to next once he retires from the group he co-founded in 2021. It’s worth noting that, at the time of posting, he hasn’t announced his official retirement date, nor his successor. We’re told that news is coming “soon” as he works to line up his 2024 goals.

From all of us at Wallymer, we raise a toast to you, Slade! Best of luck on the next chapter!

🖤 — Your team!

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