Wallymer Announces Completion of Move to Cloudflare for Web Operations

The move was approved by Wallymer’s Governance Board in August 2023

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Wallymer today announced that the group has moved its entire web operations over to Cloudflare’s infrastructure effective immediately. The decision was approved in a 4-0 (1 absent) vote by Wallymer’s Governance Board in August 2023. The move to Cloudflare was officially completed Thursday morning.

Speaking with Wallymer’s PR wing, Harvey Warner-Bacon — Global Systems Administrator for Wallymer Digital — shared his thoughts on the Cloudflare move:

I’m looking forward to a streamlined process for handling our vast infrastructure and having DDoS protections built right in. Since moving the main Wallymer domain name to Cloudflare just a couple months ago—we’ve already seen a massive improvement in protection against bot attacks. I’m proud of the Network Engineering subgroup’s efforts and look forward to our continued partnership.

said Harvey Warner-Bacon, Global Systems Administrator for Wallymer Digital

The Governance Board meets once a month to discuss the group’s operations, draft and vote upon resolutions, and hear feedback from Wallymer’s diverse group members. Members of the Governance Board have historically been appointed by the group’s President once per year, although privileged resolutions to move this to either an election or rotation based system are being considered.

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